Importance of personal protective equipment

Thanks to strict health and safety rules and policies, you won’t find a worker on a work area without proper personal protective equipment these days. Use of these PPE’s is a common practice now to provide a safe and secure working environment to employees at any work site. Personal protective equipment is not an optional choice for the employees and they must use them all the time when they are on the work area. An accident can occur anytime, anywhere and with anyone. For this reason your employees must wear all the safety and personal protective equipment all the time at work. Here is the list of most important personal protective equipment that must be available at a job site for all the employees:

Equipment to protect from noise damage

To ensure ear safety of employees working with equipment and machines that produce extreme noise pollution earmuffs and earplugs are used. High levels of noise can badly affect hearing capabilities of your employees.


Protective equipment for work at height

Falling hazard is one of the major concerns at any site. Full body harness, fall arrest systems, energy absorbers and fall protection lanyards are used to protect workforce against falls.

Protection against hazardous gases and dust

Respirators are the best safety equipment to save your employees against various contaminated and hazardous materials, liquids and gases. Moreover they also protect them against dust and air pollution.

Body protection

It is one of the most important parts of PPE’s. It includes all types of uniforms, suits and coats that employee’s use for different kinds of tasks to protect them from harm.


Face and head protection equipment

For protection against hits at the head or face of your employees they must wear helmets and face guards during work at all times.

Eye protection

Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. Even the smallest particle or the tiniest drop of hazardous material can cause serious damage to the eyes of your employees. To protect them against such hazards there is a huge variety of safety glasses for various tasks and jobs.

Hands protection

To protect workers against various hits and hazardous materials that can damage their hands safety gloves are used as a compulsory part of PPE’s.

Foot protection

For the safety of the feet, the employees must wear safety shoes in Dubai that will effectively protect their feet against a number of accidents and hits.

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