Transit Visa for Dubai

The transit visa is for those who wants to take a break during a long air journey or for those who want to meet friends and family in the United Arab Emirates. There are great rules available to apply for the visit visa in Dubai like if you have friends or siblings living in Dubai or work/residence permit then you can easily apply tourist or visit visa to visit them for some great pleasure time. The process could take only a few days when applied through the relatives or through Talent Tourism. Once the visa is issued, you can get the copy of visa via email or fax to visit Dubai. When you reach the airport, you can even collect the copy from there as it is necessary that you should have copy of visa with you once you leave the country to visit Dubai. Applicant can apply the Tourist or Dubai transit visa online through the website as well.


Short-Term and Long-Term Visa requirements

The short-term visas are for 30 days which can be prolonged till 90 days which is called Tourist Visa. This is the longest one time visit an applicant can apply for. Further there are multiple entry visas where applicant can visit up to six months while one visit must not be longer than 30 days.

The renewal and visa processing fee for visit visa or tourist visa based on the agency which is looking after your visit.


Transit visa Just for 96-hours

There are few airlines that also handle the Transit Visa for 96 hours duration which are valid to avail within 14 days once issued from the ministry of Immigration, UAE. The passengers of airlines who have a stopover in Dubai of more than eight hours can avail this visa and are subject to flying conditions as mentioned below.

  • Passengers must have authentic Passport with the complete valid ticket details for the third destination where they need to reach.
  • Once the visa is issued, it should be availed within 14 days for the maximum time limit of 96 hours to visit Dubai and then must leave the country to fly for the final destination.
  • Passengers need to show the confirmed hotel reservation where they are staying for maximum 96 hours.


There are visa rules in each country which need to be followed to avoid any complications. This is only possible by availing the services from the right agency which deals with different types of visas and are aware of the latest rules and regulations of that country’s immigration system. For more details, please go to website.

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